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The port of Ceuta

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Like the port of Tarifa or Mellila, the port of Ceuta offers services across the Strait of Gibraltar. Ceuta or Sebta is a Spanish autonomous city located on the north coast of Africa, with a direct border with Morocco to the west. About fifteen kilometers from the coast of the province of Cadiz, it is claimed by the Kingdom of Morocco since its independence in 1956. Ceuta has become a popular destination with locals and tourists. From the Ceuta ferry port, up to 20 crossings a day, lasting about an hour, are available to reach Algeciras in Spain. These are operated by different major ferry companies. The city of Ceuta is sadly known for its double fence six meters high and 8 km long, crowned with barbed wire. Called the "Ceuta Barrier", it is intended to curb illegal immigration and smuggling. It separates as a true wall, the autonomous city of the rest of Morocco.

The companies present at the port of Ceuta

Here are the ferry companies represented at the port of Ceuta:

  • Balearia
    Estación Marítima s/n. 51001 Ceuta, Espagne Tél. : +34 902 16 01 80
  • Trasmediterranea
    Estación Marítima, Muelle Cañonero Dato 6, 51001 Ceuta, Espagne Tél. : +34 902 45 46 45
  • FRS
    Gare maritime de Ceuta Local E-17 CP.51001 Ceuta, Espagne Tél. : +34 956 68 18 30 Tél. : +212 539 94 26 12  

How to get to the port of Ceuta ?

There is no bus service to the port or the city station; the only way to get to the port is by foot, car or taxi.

GPS coordinates of the Port : 35.892874,-5.324507

Map of the harbour Ceuta



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