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Balearia is a leading Spanish shipping company, transporting passengers and goods every day, from the Balearic Islands to the Iberian Peninsula (via the ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Dénia) and the only ones to offer connections between the four islands of the archipelago. In addition, it is one of the main operators of the Strait of Gibraltar that connects Ceuta and Melilla to the ports of the Iberian Peninsula.

Balearia also operates the shipping lines Algeciras - Tangier (Morocco), Almeria-Nador (Morocco) and Valencia - Mostaganem (Algeria), offering our services between Fort Lauderdale (Florida, United States) and Grand Bahama Island under the mark Baleària Caribbean.

The fleet :

Balearia is more than 3.5 million passengers a year, 1,500 employees and 25 ships!

Ferries are characterized by services that allow you to enjoy a comfortable crossing. Passengers can settle in cabins or in various lounge chairs (Tourist or Superior) and have a restaurant, a bar and a shop. Depending on the ship, you will find an internet connection, outdoor areas, a children's area or a swimming pool.