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The port of Marseille

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Ideally located on the shores of the Mediterranean, the port of Marseille Fos, formerly called "Port Autonome of Marseille" is the natural gateway to Europe. Its history dates back to 600 BC, when the Greek sailors from Asia Minor founded the port of Massilia at the present Old Port. Today, in an area as large as the city of Paris, the port has infrastructures that meet the international standards required for passenger, cruise and ferry activities. More than 2 million passengers pass through the port of Marseille Fos every year. In less than ten years, it has become France's leading cruise port. From the port of Marseille Fos, there are ferry connections to Corsica, Sardinia, Algeria and Tunisia. The heart of the city is within walking distance from the ferry terminal. The Phocaean city is the second largest city in France after Paris and has a long and rich history. Do not miss the Cathedral de la Major, one of the oldest basilicas in France, as well as the historic district of "Panier". Three new museums are to be discovered: the National Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean (MUCEM), the Mediterranean Villa and the old Sanitary Instructions with the museum Regards de Provence.

The companies present at the port of Marseille

Here are the ferry companies at the port of Marseille:

  • Corsica Linea 47, Boulevard des Dames 13002 Marseille Tél. ;04 91 56 33 90

  • Algerie Ferries 58 Boulevard des Dames, 13002 Marseille Tél. : + 33 (0)4 91 90 64 70 Tél. : + 33 (0)
  • La Meridionale Gare Maritime, 4 Quai d'Arenc, Terminal 1, 13213 Marseille Tél. , 0970 83 20 20
  • CTN - Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation 8 rue André Allar, 13015 Marseille Tél. : 04 91 91 55 71 Tél : 04 91 91 55 35 Fax : 04 91 91 45 43
  • SNCM Adresse : 61 Boulevard Des Dames 13002 Marseille Tél. : 0491563200


How to get to the port of Marseille ?

The ferry terminals of the port of Marseille are perfectly served by public transport and taxis.

GPS coordinates of the Port: Lat. 43.31143 / Long. 5.366524 ou 41.148 N 43° 18' 41'' / E 5°21'59''

Map of the harbour Marseille