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CTN Ferries (Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation) has been providing crossings Marseille-Tunis and Genoa-Tunis since 1959.

The fleet

The Mediterranean fleet of the CTN is renewed thanks to the commissioning of two large rollers of 18,000 gross tonnage. This is "Ulysses" and "Salammbo 7". In June 1999, the new "Carthage" car ferry drops anchor at La Goulette. Able to welcome 2,208 passengers and 660 cars, it makes the headlines! For the record, the state-of-the-art cruise liner took over the name of the 1st Tunisian-flagged company ship, the "Carthage". All a symbol!

In addition, with the implementation of the "Carthage", the Company continues to enhance the standing and comfort aboard its passenger ships, in order to better serve its customers in high season and develop low and medium sea tourism seasons.

The modern fleet of the CTN meets the requirements of safety, speed and comfort.