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Looking for a change of scenery and discovery? Don't miss the opportunity to visit Tangier if you are travelling through Morocco. This city located in the north of the Moroccan territory shelters the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean and ensures a stay full of charm. Thanks to the development of new urban centres, the population of Tangier is constantly growing. The continuous development of the port of Tangier Med also contributes to this. This mythical destination has become Morocco's second largest economic city. Every year it welcomes a large number of travellers who come by ferry. Come and discover Morocco by boat.

Nicknamed "the star of the North", the Hispano-Moorish city preserves the traces of a singular history. Built in the Phoenician era, it has long attracted the attention of many people because of its many treasures. Discover the charms of this city by passing through the medina of Tangier. This labyrinth of residences and alleys is dotted with shops and bears witness to the extraordinary local past. Don't miss a trip to its lively market to enjoy a mint tea in a vibrant atmosphere!

Tangier is home to a multitude of monuments and historical sites that are worth a visit. An ancient palace built in 1684, the Kasbah Museum highlights the history of the city. Do not miss the Phoenician tombs inherited from the Phoenician civilization. A few kilometres from Tangier, the Hercules Caves promise an incredible experience with their panoramic view of the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters.

In addition to its pleasant Mediterranean climate, Tangier has beautiful wild beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. Lulled by two seas, these beaches are wide and dressed in fine sand. Among the most popular beaches are Achakar beach nestled in Jeremias cove, Sidi Kacen beach with 20 kilometres of open sea or Soleil beach, a pretty cove between the rocks.